Upcoming Furdui Protest

Official Statement

We are supporting the Furdui family. Their children were taken by a local agency in Germany with accusations of abuse. The "abuse" considered is the decision by the Parents to raise their children under Christian beliefs.

When will the protest be held?

Saturday November 20th at 9:00 AM

Where will the protest be held?

German Consulate
285 Peachtree Center Ave NE #901
Atlanta, GA 30303

Where can I park? 

SunTrust Plaza Parking Garage. Cost is $20.

Courtland Parking Garage. Cost is $10.

333 W. Peachtree St. NW. Cost is $20.

General Guidelines

The following are guidelines sent to us by the City of Atlanta and their Police Department. Please follow these guidelines in order to keep the focus on the Furdui family’s cause.

While protesting, we are not allowed to:

1. Block, delay, or interfere with any other person or property. (including physically and/or verbally disturbing).

2. Use any sound-amplifying or noise making device. (no bullhorns, speakers, instruments, shouting).

3. Pass out any literature, material, items, or food; nor can we ask for funds/donations.

4. Use any tables, podiums, stands, tents, etc. because it might block or interfere with other people passing by.

5. Wear or carry and sign larger than two feet by two feet. Signs must also be held- not attached to a stick or pole. (banners are not allowed)

6. Stand on private property or public property without the city’s consent. We must stand on public sidewalk only, without blocking the entire walkway or handicap accessible ramp.

7. Refuse a lawful order when given by a law enforcement officer.

Other Notes

1. If an official, law enforcement officer, or media person approaches, please direct them to one of the organizers of the protest. (safety vests, Pastor Costea, or Pastor Olan).

2. Bring a water bottle if you think you will need one. We are not allowed to pass out water.

3. Please return protest signs to someone with a safety vest to avoid leaving a mess behind.

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